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24 September 2021

Lucerne (or Luzern) Switzerland

If you come to Switzerland, put this place on your list of stops.

Lucerne is in central Switzerland, and is predominately German speaking. It is located pretty much in the center of the country and incredibly beautiful. While surrounded by the Alps, it is on the edge of (fairly huge) Lake Luzern and on a fairly flat plain. The water that flows from this lake is actually part of the headwaters of the Rhine river that flows through Germany into the North Sea. This city seems to be the hub of the traveling mass of people flowing throughout Switzerland. It is centrally located, easy to reach, is oozing with charm, and not as geographically challengingly as many other parts of the country.


Today, Anne and I were looking around and found the the Lion Monument. This is a large carving in a face of a sheer rock wall in the center of town. It shows a wounded lion in its death throes and is very moving. The carving is a memorial to the 1200 Swiss guards that gave their lives defending the King of France during the French Revolution. Hope you enjoy this and other pictures we took around here


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