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Zurich - 11 September 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

11 September 2021


Friday. We arrived in Zurich last night after a full day of travel. After navigating planes, trains, and automobiles, arrived at our hotel. Immediately set our alarms for 7:30 for breakfast. Also, time to start remembering the European method of writing dates.

Saturday. Woke up promptly at 10:30. Not only had we overslept our alarm, we also missed breakfast. We were to meet our friends, Dennus and Denise at our first scheduled hotel. There we found the hotel has changed its name from du Theater to “Swiss Chocolate Hotel”. That put a smile on Anne’s face. From there, we talked off to explore Zurich. First stop was the Swiss National Museum. A spectacular 100 year old building, which is reminiscent of a fairy tale castle, houses the largest collection of cultural history artifacts in Switzerland. Some very fine exhibits, but the most amazing part was the architecture of the building and all of the detail. It was an old building built and was worth the visit.

After that, Anne and Denise found we could take a tour of a chocolate factory. When in Switzerland, think Chocolate and cheese. Along the way, I pointed out we were passing the Lowenbrau Brewery and could visit that instead. Quickly overruled on that point. Besides, we were on the right train, but going the wrong direction. Quick change, and we’re soon arriving in the small town with the Lindt Chocolate Factory. Now that is a tour worth taking. A person can sample more Chocolate on this tour than he normally eats in a year.

On our return trip, we opted to go by boat. Only a couple of days into this trip and have traveled by every travel connivence imaginable other than by animal power.


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