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15 September 2021

Today, we took multiple trains, finally ending up in Lausanne. This city is on Lake Geneva in Southwestern Switzerland. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because you have it heard in conjunction with the International Olympic Committee, that is headquartered here

You may have noticed we have been on a lot of trains. Here are our travels on trains so far. Our first was from the Zurich Airport into Zurich. After a couple of days there, we went first to Bern then to a train and on to Interlaken.

The next day was the Jungfraujoch trip where we started on Interlaken, went to Grindelwald, then Kleine Scheidegg before making the final leg to Jungfraujoch. We left there and returned to Kleine Scheidegg, then went instead to Lauterbrunnen before returning to base at Interlaken.

The next day was the relaxing boat ride on the side wheeler steamship Brienz on Lake Brienz. We took this ship only to the half way point, where we disembarked and took another train, this time from the town of Brienze to Rothorn and back. We were able to catch another train from Brienze back to Interlaken.

Today did another marathon of train changing. We started in Interlaken and went to Speiz, changed there to a train heading towards Zweismen. There we changed to a narrow gauge train heading to Montreux, then a final train to our destination of Lousanne.

The trip today was not the most direct, but was a most interesting view of another slice of Switzerland. Yesterday, we were at Rothorn, and could see Jungfraujoch some 25 miles distant to the south across an amazing expanse of mountains and valleys. Today we were on the West side of Jungfraujoch (about 10 miles distant) traveling through another part of the Swiss alps

This part was less rugged than what we saw earlier, but still steep and rugged enough that is amazing there could be so many prosperous farms and villages. Interspersed were ski areas tucked between a village and a farm.

All changed as we entered Lousanne. It is a fairly large city and located in the French speaking section of Switzerland. I will let you know about what we see here in our next post


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