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13 September 2021

Interlocken is a small town in the Alps, and oriented to the care and feeding of tourists from all over the world. After a refreshing night, we bordered a train to Grindelwald. Interlocken is at an elevation of about 1860 feet above sea level, but that began to change rapidly. Grinderwald is about 3400 feet, and it is here we changed to a narrow gauge cog wheel train heading for a place called Jungfraujoch, also known as “The Top of Europe.” We arrived there after a couple of more changes of trains. A significant portion of the last leg was all underground-the Swiss had tunneled several miles through solid granite to construct this railroad. As a boy raised in Colorado and having done some hiking, I was familiar with rugged terrain and high mountains. Jungfraujoch is at 11,782 feet and quite impressive. Also, this is not a single destination, one track trip. The area for several miles around is criss crossed with railroads, gondolas, and roads to support a wide range of activities year round.

You could easily spend three weeks here and not exhaust all the excursions available, and that is without getting out and hiking all the trails crisscrossing the area. Going to spend another night here and see what tomorrow brings.


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