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12 September 2021

Actually woke up this morning before the alarm went off and went downstairs for breakfast. When you stay at the chocolate hotel, it is not surprising to find an unusual touch or two.

After breakfast, time to check out and head for the train station. (Anne actually said she might be getting tired of chocolate.) Today, the first leg will take us from Zurich-the largest city in Switzerland, to Bern-the capital of Switzerland. This will be on one of the ICE high speed comfy trains. We had only a short stay in Bern. Since it was Sunday and we were nearest all the government offices, most shops were closed Both Zurich and Bern are in areas that are relatively flat and rural in nature. In Zurich, the language was predominantly German, in Bern we found both German and Italian being used. In other parts we can expect to run into French as well. As we left Bern and headed towards Interlocken, the terrain changed to what you would expect for Switzerland-very mountainous. Interlocken is a small town situated between two lakes and some very high mountains.


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